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Welcome to the forefront of digital security and asset recovery. At Wizard James Recovery, we specialize in hacking and digital assets recovery, serving to protect and reclaim what is rightfully yours in the digital realm. Our expert team is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.


Digital Asset Recovery

Recover lost digital assets with cutting-edge solutions and regain control efficiently.

Hacking Incident Response

Swift response and comprehensive solutions to hacking incidents, securing your digital space.

Security Consultation

Enhance your digital defenses with our tailored security consultation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of digital assets can you recover?

We can recover a wide range of digital assets, including BTC/cryptocurrency, digital files, and access to compromised accounts.

How do you respond to hacking incidents?

Our response to hacking incidents includes immediate action to mitigate damage, a thorough investigation to identify how the breach occurred, and implementing measures to prevent future attacks.

What does your security consultation involve?

Our security consultation involves a detailed analysis of your current digital security posture, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing actionable recommendations to strengthen your defenses.

“Wizard James Recovery turned a nightmare back into a dream. They recovered my hacked business accounts swiftly and professionally, ensuring my digital assets were secure and intact.”

Alex Johnson

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About us

Wizard James Recovery is a leader in the field of hacking and digital assets recovery based in Austin, Texas. With a focus on cutting-edge solutions and a dedication to security and confidentiality, we aim to restore digital normalcy to our clients. Our highly skilled team brings years of experience in cybersecurity, ensuring that every case is handled with the utmost precision and professionalism. Whether you're dealing with lost digital assets, a hacking incident, or need to enhance your digital security, Wizard James Recovery is here to assist.